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Cultural conflicts are disagreements between cultural beliefs and values by two or more sides.

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Q: What is cultural conflict?
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What is the conflict of the short story sixteen?

Cultural conflict

What are the importance of understanding cultural diversity as it relates to conflict in the workplace?

Cultural differences can cause misunderstandings and conflict in the workplace. Understanding cultural diversity can prevent this.

What is a cultural conflict?

A cultural conflict is a conflict between a person or persons religious background, ethnicity, and or beliefs. For example: There is a christian and an atheist sitting in a park and they begin to discuss their beliefs. A conflict could then arise between the two people with different religious beliefs because of their cultural backgrounds thus being a cultural conflict.

Definition of cultural conflict?

Cultural conflict is a pattern of behavior that emerges when different cultures disagree due to religious reasons or values. These cultural conflicts increase when politics become involved.

Cultural in a sentence?

culture is the belief of people in their aspects of life

What interaction is an example of a conflict that has arisen from cultural differences?

wars are one of the critical arisen of conflict!

Why do societies have culture conflict?

cultural conflict occurs between human only peoples they have not enough faith in their religion

What is the main conflict in two grandmothers by olive senior?

The conflict lies between the two cultural differences

What has the author Michelle LeBaron written?

Michelle LeBaron has written: 'Bridging Cultural Conflicts' 'Conflict Across Cultures' -- subject(s): Culture conflict, Multiculturalism, Cross-cultural orientation, Conflict management, Intercultural communication 'Bridging Troubled Waters'

Major cultural conflict in the past 100 years?

fascism vs. communism

What internal conflict does the external conflict in this passage suggest?

Elenita tries to suppress or hide her cultural identity

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