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It means living racy, you know pushing the limits.
Like your putting you life on the line when you do things. Which is risking your life, making your life shorter and having it go fast.

Perhaps my poem 'Living in the fast lane', will help create the feeling of what it is like to live in the fast lane?

Living in the Fast Lane

Life's so quick; life's so fast,
at this rate will I last?
How on earth will I stay sane?
Living in the fast lane.

Peace of mind I have no more,
simple life has gone for sure.
Always wanted in constant demand,
mobile in car, mobile in hand.

No time to talk to an old friend,
new friend computer, says 'press and send'.
Half hour lunch, if you are lucky!
Eat whilst running, your fast food 'Kentucky'.

Send a letter. 'It takes too long,'
fax and email are the new song.
internet instant message has just beckoned,
chat to global village in a second.

How long can I keep up this pace?
Will I ever finish the New World race?
My life is spinning out of control.
A high price to pay, for selling my soul.

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Q: What is living in fast lane mean?
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