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antagonist... The Pigman

protangonist... John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen

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Q: Who is the antagonist and protagonist in the novel The Pigman?
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Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the novel swallowing stones?

tho protagonist is jenna and the antagonist is micheal.

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the novel White heron?

sylvia ids the protagonist, and the hunter is antagonist

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the novel White Fang?

The protagonist is White Fang, the antagonist is nature the force that keeps him being wild

Who is the progtagonist and antagonist in the novel hard love?

protagonist is John Galardi the antagonist is Marisol Guzman

Who are the protagonist and antagonist in novel Hamlet?

Hamlet is a play by William Shakespeare. The protagonist is Hamlet, who's father is killed by his Uncle, Claudius, the antagonist.

How do you use the word antagonist in sentence?

The antagonist of the novel did everything in his power to stop the protagonist's heroic efforts.

Who is the antagonist in the pigman?

The Pigman???

What ia a protagonist?

The hero or main character in a story or novel. The opposite is antagonist.

Who is the protagonist and the antagonist in novel Kim by Rudyard Kipling?

Rudyard Kipling's novel Kim was published in 1901. The protagonist is the hero, Kimball "Kim" O' Hara. The, eventually revealed, antagonist is Hurree Chunder Mookherjee ("the Babu")

Why does antagonist want to harm protagonist?

If antagonist did not want to harm protagonist, he wouldn't be antagonist. His opposition to protagonist is what makes him antagonist.

Who is protagonist and who is the antagonist and why?

protagonist and antagonist for the movie flipped

How is the antagonist related to the protagonist?

The antagonist is the opposite to the protagonist.

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