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In addition to contacting Dumpster services such as Michiana Recycling and Disposal, you may with to contact local landscaping/yard services, nurseries or farmers, as the manure is valuable for composting in agriculture and you may find somebody to haul it off at no charge.

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Q: Need horse manure removal (2 horses) in Niles, MI. Thanks for any suggestions.?
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What rhymes with ensure?

Manure (horses manure)

What is barnyard manure?

Manure is animal poo, particularly that from horses and cows.

Can horses eat the grass in the field after spreading manure?

No because they would be manure

What do horses produce?

Horses produce manure, urine, and sweat. They also produce sounds such as neighing and snorting. Additionally, horses produce milk for their foals.

Why do flys like horses so much?

Well, its not so much that flies like the horses, its mostly the manure the horses leave.

How do you use manure on Howrse?

First, you will need to purchase at least 25 units of dung from the Equestrian Center shop. 25 units of dung will make one bag of manure. Then go to the pasture page of your Equestrian Center, and click the "Produce Manure" button. Then it will walk you through the next few steps!

Can hay fertilized with chicken manure cause salmonella in horses?

Yes it can.

Why are horses and ponies helpful on the farm?

The manure can be used to fertilize the farmers crops

How do horses help the envirment?

Like Cows, their manure and feces can be used as fertilizer.

Can horses eat horse apples?

Horse apples = manure Yes, sometimes horses eat manure. This is called coprophagia. Foals start to eat manure at about two weeks of age. It is speculated that this is how they get good gut bacteria that will help them digest solid food. Up until then, their diet is totally milk, and so they only have milk-digesting bacteria in their gut. Wild horses commonly drop manure into large piles or stacks, and often come back to eat it in the winter when feed is scarce.

How do you spell a horse's monuwer?

The solid droppings of horses and cows is manure, widely used as fertilizer.

What is a horses poop called?

it is manly called dung. but some people call manure or droppings.