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Q: What is the fastest horse for short and long disstances?
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Is a human faster than a horse?

Well most dogs would win because the amount of dogs bred to swim while horses weren`t specifically bred to swim.

What are the world's fastest sharks?

Long fin and short fin mako sharks are the fastest swimming sharks.

Are thorough breds the fastest horse?

Yes they are at long distances (derby) But quarter horses are the fastest horses at 1/4 mile sprints.

What is the second fastest horse?

it depends for how long because a quarter horse can go faster then a thoroughbred but only for so long as a thoroughbred can go for very long as this breed is famous for racing.

What is the fastest breed of horses?

Over short distances (up to about a quarter mile) it is the American Quarter Horse. For medium distances (up to about 3 miles) the Thoroughbred tends to be the fastest. Over very very long distances (over 5 miles) it is the Arabian.

How is a Quarter Horse different than a Throughbred?

The Thoroughbred was used in the developement of the Quarter Horse and it is still a big influence in the Quarter Horse industry today. If asked, most people know about the Thoroughbred as the world's fastest breed. But only for long distances. The Quarter Horse is faster than the Thoroughbred for short distances, such as a quarter mile race. Think of the Thoroughbred as a long distance runner as compared to a sprinter, the QH.

Are airplanes the fastest way to travel?

Airplanes are the fastest way to travel a long distance. - Over short distances, some trains may be faster

Does a horse travel faster than a passenger plane?

Of course not! A plane can travel at hundreds of miles an hour. The fastest horse only reaches 55 miles per hour for a very short distance. I mean, really! If horses were faster than planes, than why did we invent planes to travel long distances?

Does a horse have a short nose or long nose?

It's called a muzzle.

What kind of habitat does the Canadian horse live in?

Cold, long winters and short days.

Which breed of horses is the fastest?

For long distance its between the Thoroughbred and the Mustang but in a quarter mile its the American Quarter Horse (that's whay its their name)

How does the shape and size of horse teeth relate to the environment that the horse lived in?

If a horse lives in a rocky, dry enviroment, then usually, their teeth would be long and chipped. Chipped from the rocks and long becasue the horse doesn't have any grass to chew and eat constontly. If they live in a good, well kept place, they would usually have perfect teeth. Short, but not too short, and healthy gums. - Horse Kid