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A fitness assessment is a great measurement tool to help a trainer determine what type of program a person needs based on their fitness level. An assessment may include body fat analysis, body measurements, cardiovascular exercise, strength exercises and flexibility testing.

Fitness Assessments are also a great way to track progress. Including a regular fitness assessment program to your routine not only holds you accountable but it can be very encouraging. Even if you don't see any change on the scale initially, people will normally see great improvements from one assessment to the next.

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Q: What are the ways an individual can use an individual fitness assessment to help create a personal fitness program?
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Selecting a fitness program is very frustrating. Many believe the rumors about which fitness programs are the best or they join one of the currently popular fitness programs. A fitness program that suits one person might not be best for the other. It is important to find a fitness program that matches personal needs. For example, those who want to burn calories should select an aerobics fitness program. Those who wish to increase strength should lift weights.

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