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Q: What is the most dangerous type of coal mine?
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What type of coal were they mining in the Monongah Mine Disaster?

Good Coal, most likely black coal

What three most leading states that mine coal what type do they mine?

north korea

What type of rock does a mine form from?

;from coal

How long does it take to mine a coal mine?

The time it takes to mine a coal mine varies depending on the size of the mine, the equipment and technology used, the thickness of the coal seam, and other factors. It can take several years or even decades to fully extract coal from a mine.

What type of mining is used to mine coal?

The type of mining used to mine coal is called surface mining or underground mining. Surface mining involves removing layers of soil, rock, and vegetation to access coal deposits near the surface. Underground mining involves creating tunnels to access coal deposits deep underground.

How you use the word coal in a sentence?

The coal fire burned nicely.Does your father work in a coal mine?The night was as black as coal.

What is the most common coal in the U.S.?

Bituminous coal, or soft coal, is the most common type of coal produced in the United States.

What kind of dangerous jobs Victorian chlidren have?

The type of dangerous they had were such as factory workers, chimney sweeps, coal miners and so on.

What is the most dangerous type of rhinos?

The most dangerous type of rhino is the black rhino.

What type of coal does Montana mine?

Montana mainly mines sub-bituminous coal. This type of coal has a lower energy content and higher moisture content compared to bituminous coal, making it less desirable for some applications.

What is the most expensive type of coal?

Anthracite is the most metamorphosed type of coal (but still represents low-grade using only the more expensive anthracite coal in its passenger locomotives,

Is Lignite is easy to mine but causes heavy air pollution?

TrueHIGHLY POLLUTING lignite, which is a type of coal