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Q: What makes wearing a full body swimsuit extreme?
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Where can I find information about the best swimsuit for my body type?

This site is geared specifically to women and offers advice on pairing various swimsuit styles with body types for the best look: Each body type is addressed and swimsuit options are suggested. These sites offer guides to help choose the best style swimsuit for a specific body type: AND AND

What are some good exercises to do to get a swimsuit body?

the best exercise to do if you want a swimsuit body are calisthetics and low weight high repetition weight lifting exercises. also do plenty of cardio.

What is a swimsuit used for?

a swimsuit is used for swimming in a pool take sun shine bathing

How tight are girl's one-piece swimsuit supposed to be?

Girl's one-piece swimsuit are suppost to be tight enough to stick on their body when they come out of the water or when its wet.

What Is Resistance In Swimming?

Resistance is drag caused naturally by the water being forced around your body and swimsuit.

is the miracle suit suitable for people with diabetes?

The Miracle Suit swimwear line is simply a swimsuit that has been designed with a fabric that reshapes the contours of your body, making you appear "10 lbs. lighter in 10 seconds". There shouldn't be any repercussions for people with diabetes in wearing a Miracle Suit.

What if your body shivers to warm up muscles when you sit on an iceberg in your swimsuit what cell process is that?

When your body shivers to warm up muscles in response to sitting on an iceberg in a swimsuit, this is an example of a homeostatic response known as thermogenesis. The muscle contractions during shivering generate heat as a way to increase body temperature in cold environments.

How did Peeta survive Cato's cut?

He is wearing a full body armor that covers MOST of his body

I need a new swimsuit for a party I'm going to I don't feel that comfortable with my stomach So I'm thinking of a high wasted swimsuit is that still in fashion and Is it cute or ugly?

it depends on what shape your body is and what size you are and also how old you are

What can extreme gravity do to your body?

Extreme gravity will cause your body to be crushed, simply by the force pushing you down towards the planet.

Why you are wearing cotton clothes in summer?

cotton clothes in summers keeps our body cool because they absorb all the sweat and makes us feel comfortable

What cell process is this when your body shivers to warm up muscles when you sit on an iceberg in your swimsuit?

it is homeostasis Lil miss barbie