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Q: Which term describes an unresponsive state from which a person can be aroused only briefly despite vigorous attempts?
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What condition is an unresponsive state from which a person can be aroused only briefly and with vigorous repeated attempts?


What condition results in a patient being totally unconscious unresponsive and unable to be aroused?


Does being oversexed cause impotence?

No. Impotent is way more correlated to undersexed, in which a person has no need for sex, is not aroused easily or even if he/she gets aroused, orgasm may no occur in spite of all attempts. On an oversexed person that surfs a lot for porn what may eventually happen is a certain detachment from real relation.

What does it mena when a guy says he is aroused?

Only interested in getting aroused.

Do women get sexually aroused when their feet and toes are sucked?

YES, very aroused

What do you call a person who is aroused by pain?

A Masochist is someone that is aroused by receiving pain.

Will girls get aroused if they are kissed deeply by her lover?

Girls can physiologically get an erection (their clitoris contains the same type of erectile tissue that is found in the penis) when aroused but whether they get aroused by a kiss depends on the girl. Not everyone is aroused by the same things.

What sentence can you make with the word aroused?

The article he had read in the paper certainly aroused the man's curiousity, so he headed to the library to do some more research.All of a sudden she felt very aroused at his touch.We tried hard, but he couldn't be aroused from his slumber.

Are men aroused when they kiss?

Yes, men are aroused by kisses and just about everything else unfortunately!

What is the definition of the word aroused?

'Aroused' is a word commonly used for a state of slight enthousiasm. The word 'aroused' can point out an energetic mood, commonly used in a sexual manner.

Can i get aroused by my brother?


What is yiffy?

To be sexually aroused