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of coarse guys like any girl he is physically attracted to.

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Q: Do college guys like high school girls?
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Is it better for guys to date high school girls or college girls or university girls?

they should not date any till they have finished school and have gotten a career

What turns on high school guys the most?

high school girls!

Does a college three point shot the same as a high school three point shot?

For guys its a foot farther. For girls it is the same.

Can guys play on girls high school volleyball teams?

No because guys have more strength in throwing but girls have strength but not as much as guys

Why do college guys date high school girls?

Why not? Considering consent... why wouldn't they? There's not a cut-off age that limits college people to date only among themselves.

What are the differences between girls in college and girls in high school?


Is Wimbledon college for girls or boys?

It's for boys, but the sixth-form is combined with ursuline high school (which is a girls school/college)

When was Newstead Girls College created?

Newstead Girls College was created in 1815.

How come girls don't like nice guys?

Well I'll tell you this in high school the nice guy ALWAYS loses but after high school girls tend to learn what really matters and the nice guys win A LOT more.

Do a lot of guys date girls in high school?

yes,if they go to the same high school,but not if there like a creeper who is like 40

Who is st Andrew high school for girls brother school?

jamaica college

Do high school guys like girls that drink?

I'm a guy and I say heck no.