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you say: "You are being twofaced!"

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Q: One of my best friends told everyone I stold her boyfriend when she said she wouldn't care if we went out now shes telling me were still friends. How do you tell her shes being twofaced?
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Just tell him. I'm Pansexual. I told my friends by saying, "I love everyone."

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no it don't u shouldn't be kissing friends if u have a boyfriend

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Some people would say yes. But, I say no. If you're madly in love with him, boyfriend comes before friends. And if your friends are telling you that it's him or them, then they're not worth your time. They're not real friends. Don't break up with him because of friends. That's just stupid. No offense.

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Well yeah, if he is your boyfriend he will really like you O_o

When a woman after a long relationship says friends or nothing what is she really telling you?

Answer: She is telling you that she just wants to be friends... sorry Answer She is politely telling you to back away.

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IF the girl likes you back she will not care what her friends think. Her friends may hate you but your not telling her friends you like them your telling HER. Her friends will eventually get used to it.