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I should feel more sorry for myself for allowing him to mistreat me.

I only feel sorry for him that he treats people as he does and ends up alone..

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Q: Should you feel sorry for your ex Narcissist who was mean to you and dumped you?
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The narcissist I dumped went out of his way to tell me he's over me why?

Most likely to just irritate you ... He or she couldn't handle the rejection because of their narcissism, so they had to retaliate against you so that they feel they "won" and it was they who dumped you, perhaps. Let it go ... get on with life.

Your partner is a narcissist you want him to leave your home but he has nowhere to live and no money what should you do?

That is not your problem.Narcissists usually land on their feet. Boot him out and stop allowing him to manipulate you by making you feel sorry for him.

Would a narcissist tell you that they are sorry for being they way they are and that they cant feel certain emotions if they didnt know they were one?

Narcissists will say & do anything. Sorry doesn't mean much to someone with no feelings.

Is it right to dump a girl because people teased you?

How would you feel if someone dumped you not because they didn't like you but because someone else said they should? hi i am the person who asked i am a girl and my boyfriend dumped me and that's why! tell me wut u think NO! not if he really likes her! im soo sorry! if he dumped u just cuz people teased him hes not worth your time!

Is a Narcissist not able to function after long term relationship?

Sure they are. They just "say" that to make you feel sorry so they can stick around and drain you dry. Get rid of them.

After I dumped him why did my narcissist tell me they will wind up alone in the long run and it's actually what they want Is it a moment of truth on their part?

They are trying to make you feel bad. Don't buy it. Cut all ties and keep them cut.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Tiger Woods because of his transgressions?

No, you should probably feel sorry for his wife and kids.

How does your ex feel when he sees you with someone else?

well if he dumped you, then he won't mind, but if you dumped him, then he wouldn't feel too good about it.

How do you say sorry to your ex?

Put yourself in their shoes, understand what you are actually sorry for and only apologise when you feel guilt, remorse and an overwhelming desire for their forgiveness, otherwise she will see right through you and your words will be just that -words.

What should you do if you and your best friend get into a fight?

tell them how you feel and hpofully they will feel sorry for you

Does a married narcissist feel guilty about seeing prostitutes?


If you told a narcissist you felt sorry for them how would they react?

They would likely feel resentful or angry. They see themselves as superior in every way. The warmest response you can hope for is they pity you for being misguided.