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You could say, "Grow up," or "And insulting me makes you feel special, how?" or you could just roll your eyes, give him (or her) a disgusted look and walk away.

Myself I usually say "Did you intend to be hurtful or just insensitive?" Then I walk away. It is no use trying to teach manners or even acceptable behaviour to people like that.

When people say something deliberately mean and hurtful for no good reason, this is what I tell them . " Only people I love or respect have the power to hurt me, and you are not on either list." . Even the most insensitive dullards get the message.

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Remember that you do not deserve it EVER. You can call them on it by asking them why they would ever say something so hurtful (if they are in front of friends, so much the better), or you can walk away, giving no response. You don't need to add to your woes by feeling that you should be able to come up with something clever before you comment. Also, do not try to respond in kind since that makes you no better than that someone. Good luck and remember that there are plenty of decent people around to focus on.

Another thing to remember is that the person saying something mean has the problem, not you. A person who is mean is usually compensating for something that they are lacking.

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is your friend being increadably mean to you? WELL I HAVE 2 WORDS FOR YOU... IGNORE THEM! im sure you have another person to hang with for a while! eventually... they will say something to you... and when they do just say... you really hurt my feelings and i was really upset... then just walk away! VERY SIMPLE! im sure you 2 will be friends again soon! GOOD LUCK!

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When your friend is being mean to you, you have to stand up for yourself. Sometimes, that can be hard if your shy, but that will help you overcome your fear. Remember: Even if someone is being mean to you, don't be mean to them unless you have a good reason. My friend is mostly bossy and acts like I'm dumb when I'm not and I've learned that if I want her to stop, I should tell her; most of the time, they don't realize they're being mean.

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Q: What do you tell a friend if they are being mean to you?
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What should you do if you're best friend is being mean to you?

tell that friend that you feel that their being mean to you. you shouldn't tolerate rude, or mean behavior from a friend.

What do you do if your friend's friend is being mean to her and you want to help?

you tell your friend she deserves better and that ur there for her.

What do you do if your 1 friend is being mean to you and your other friends?

If your 'friend' is being mean to you then I dont think they are really your friend,so i would just try to avoid them and tell somebody you trust

What do you do if your friends are being mean to you?

tell her/him that and how you feel and if its a true friend they will fix it and be nicer.

My friend is being mean how do i tell her that she is very mean to me and i dont want her in my life anymore?

Tell them to knock it off and to be nice or else you won't be her friend anymore, and if she says ok but really does not tell her okay that's it I am done with you. You are being mean and I don't like it. So, I am not your friend anymore. Then walk away from them. If they call for you to come back, keep on walking!

What should you say if a friend was mean to you?

If they are really your friend, just tell them flat out that they were being rude to you. If they are really your friend, they'll understand and might apologize.

How do you deal with so called friends?

if your friend is being fake or mean all you have to do is tell that so called friend that you are being fake so you need to stop or our friend relationship will end right here right now

What do you do if your friend is being mean to you?

Talk to them. Tell them what you're thinking. Maybe they're going through a tough time and are just taking it out on you. However, if your friend is being physically mean, talk to an adult you trust or a police officer right away if you're being assaulted.

What should you do if your friend is being mean to you?

if they are being mean to you wait for them to give up and say sorry. but if they do not do anything just say sorry and i will be sure you will be friends again but you can also tell an adult, a friend or a teacher and childhelpline is a good company to tell I have two friends but I won't say their name and they keep being mean to me I think they don't like my and one of them used to be my BEST FRIEND and when I moved to england she became best friends with the other girl and I want her to be MY friend but she tells all my secrets and I'm upset she doesn't tell me anyone else's ! What should I DO?? :'( please help!

What do I do if my friend is being cheated on?

You can tell your friend that they are being cheated on or you do not do anything.

How do you tell your friend's crush that your friend has a crush on him?

First make sure it is o.k with your friend.... cause if you tell him without asking, then that could mean trouble! ._. Another thought: Instead of being in the position of mediator or mesenger, enourage your friend to tell his/her crush their feelings themselves. That might even be the conversation that launches a wonderful relationship.

If a guy who is dating a friend of yours acts like he is flirting around with you does that mean he likes you does that mean he is going to break up with your friendor is he just being nice?

Just being nice. Depends the way he is hitting on you. Dont tell your friend! he could like you but you need to talk to him. if he likes you choose who is more important the guy or the friend.... if he doesnt like you then tell him to knock it off