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He's either scared of rejection, or isn't ready to tell you yet.

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Q: What does it mean when a boy wants to tell you he likes you but he is too shy to say it?
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What does it mean when a boy tell another boy to look at your butt?

it means that who ever told the boy to look at your butt likes you.

What does it mean when a boy rubs his leg on a girl's leg?

The boy likes or is trying to get your attention. Or he wants to kiss her or tell her he loves her,

How can you tell if a boy in fifth grade likes you?

You can tell because he always wants your attention. He will smile at you. He will almost always wants to be with you.

How do you tell if a mean boy likes you?

if he is being mean

What does it mean for a boy to tell me he's spiritually attracted does that mean he wants to date me?

It is possible. He likes that you inward being. He possibly has discernment of the spirit. Also it could mean that he just likes the way you act, not necisarly the whole you.

What is it mean when a boy seems to be enjoying your company and smiles when you smile?

that boy likes you or wants to be your friend

What does it mean if a boy asks there friend to ask you out but the he does not wants to do it an more?

it means he likes you but does not want to ask you in person because this happen to me and if you like him tell him that you like him

What does it mean if a boy wants to sit by you a lot?

Well, it depends. Does he like you? If he does, that's probably why. If he doesn't, he either needs to talk with you, likes your company, or just likes you as a friend and wants you to stay with him.

If a boy likes you but he has a girl friend what do you do?

tell him to backoff and stay with the girl he likes if hes willing to cheat he wants to b reak up with his girlfriend so tell his girlfriend that he wants to brfeak up

If you like a boy and his mom looks out for you what does that mean?

his mom likes you and most likely wants you to date her boy.

How do you know if a tom boy likes you?

They r mean to you. Or they tell you.

What does it mean when a boy wants to take you somewhere?

it means he prob. likes you and wants to talk to get to know you better or more