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brave- he stands up for Miguelito when Carlos refuses to let him play

academic- he loves learning new things (especially math since he was better at that than english)

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The main character in "The Circuit" is a young boy named Panchito, who is a migrant farm worker in California. He faces numerous challenges and struggles as his family moves from place to place in search of work, all while trying to pursue an education and a better life. Panchito's strength and resilience in the face of adversity are central to the story.

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Q: Can you describe the main character in the book The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez?
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Where did Francisco Jimenez and his family move in the circuit?

They moved to Fresno.

What was franciscos sisters name in the circuit by francisco Jimenez?

His sister's name was Rorra.

What was the bird name in the circuit by francisco Jimenez?

The bird's name was El Perico. He was a parrot. Hope this helped ;)

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Francisco Jimenez's father's name is Francisco Sr.

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i like this one in california people sweep money off the streets

What is the theme of the story the circuit by francisco Jimenez?

The theme of "The Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez revolves around the struggles, resilience, and determination of a young migrant boy and his family as they face the challenges of working as migrant farmworkers in California. It explores themes of poverty, family, education, and the pursuit of a better life despite adversity.

What is the origin of jimenez misamis occidental?

FAther francisco Jimenez

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The main character traits in "Making Connections" by Francisco Jimenez include resilience, determination, and empathy. The protagonist demonstrates resilience by overcoming challenges, determination by pursuing his education despite obstacles, and empathy by understanding and supporting his family.

Who wrote The Circuit?

Fransisco Jimenez

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francisco was born in 1943 in Mexico