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Louisiana produces the most, followed by Georgia and then Alabama.

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Q: Did Louisiana Alabama or Georgia produce more corn last year?
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What do Georgia produce?


What main things does Georgia produce?


What manufactured items does Alabama produce?

coal, oil, corn, soybeans, wheat, cattle, and chicken

What items did oglethorpe promise to produce to Georgia?

he promised silk corn and cotton i think

What crop does Georgia produce 41 of this crop in the nation?

The first thing that comes to mind that Georgia produces a lot of is corn. Could that be the answer to the question?

What did Alabama-coushattas?

The Alabama-Coushatta's ate:-Corn--Dear--Bear--Squirrel-

What is alabama's natrual resources?

corn and fish

What did Alabama-coushattas eat?

The Alabama-Coushatta's ate:-Corn--Dear--Bear--Squirrel-

Where is the location of the first Georgia corn club and the location of the first Georgia tomato canning club?

The location of the first Georgia Corn Club and Tomato Canning Club was in Newton County, Georgia.

What type of vegetation would you find in Alabama?


How much corn does Georgia produce in a year?

Georgia's production of corn varies quite a bit from year to year, primarily because of weather and market competition from other crops. In the last six years, production has ranged from a low of 25 million bushels in 2006 to over 57 million bushels in 2007.

What state produced more corn in 2000 Louisiana Mississippi or Arkansas?

Louisiana (see link below)