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It depends on whether it needs to be refridgerated before opening the ham or only after opening the ham.

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Q: Is a canned ham from the pantry that reads keep refrigerated safe to eat?
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Do canned drinks come on a refrigerated truck?

Canned drinks do not need to be delivered on a refrigerated truck, unless they are labeled "keep refrigerated".

Is it safe to keep an unopened jar of pasta sauce in a pantry that is room temperature when it was previously refrigerated in the supermarket?

Probably not. The refrigeration is designed to keep the product from breaking down in the jar, Refrigerated items should be kept refrigerated and should not be used after their expiration dates.

How long will refrigerated opened canned tuna keep?

Keep opened canned tuna in a plastic container for up to 2 days. Alternatively you can freeze it for up to 4 months.

What are some good pantry organization techniques?

Good techniques are by only putting stuff you use on a weekly basis in your pantry. Try to exclude anything you do not use that much in your pantry. Try to keep your pantry organized by putting canned goods together and box foods together neatly.

Do you have to keep all your unopend canned pickles in the fridge they had a hot mix then sealed then a hot bath.?

Absolutely not, when pickles have been canned correctly, they can be stored on shelves in pantry, or cupboards or where ever you have space.

Can food be canned in baby food jars?

Only if you keep them refrigerated. Once the seal is broken (jar opened) it is not air proof and the food can breed bacteria if not refrigerated.

What are pantry organizers used for?

Pantry organizers are like storage units for your pantry. The pantry organizers keep certain items separately contained from the rest of your pantry in order to keep it organized. They are commonly used to keep pantries from turning into organizing disasters, though you can use them for storing and keeping miscellaneous other items.

Should food in a food storage be covered?

Refrigerated food should be covered to keep it from drying out and to keep odors from mingling in the fridge. Only if you want the food to dry out (like aging beef) should it be uncovered. Food in a pantry or cupboard should be covered to keep out dust or insects.

What is the difference between pantry and food storage?

Pantry storage is usually food that is to be used in the near future; whereas food storage is long-term food that you keep to be prepared for an unexpected disaster. For example, you may have items in your pantry that expire more quickly that you need to use within a couple months. Food storage items have years of shelf life such as wheat, canned foots, instant potatoes, etc.

Does Pancake syrup need to be refrigerated after opening?

No, it doesn't need to be in the fridge. And being at a colder temperature will make it somewhat harder to pour out of the bottle. It's fine to keep it in the pantry and it's also great if you warm it up first.

How long does chutney keep for?

We find that our chutney, once opened and refrigerated, lasts until it is finished! It must be all the sugar in it, but it has never gone bad...although we do tend to eat in within a few weeks of opening it.

Help Me Keep My Pantry Organized?

You can read about how to keep your pantry organized on the following website: They offer great tips.