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Q: Which organism in the food web is likely to store the most energy?
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What form of energy is passed along from organism to organism in a food chain?

The form of energy passed along from organism to organism in a food chain is chemical energy. This energy is derived from the organic compounds present in the food consumed by each organism.

What will happen if an organism's food source disappears?

If an organism's food source disappears, it will likely lead to starvation and eventually death for the organism. Without food, the organism will not be able to obtain the necessary energy and nutrients to survive. This can also disrupt the ecosystem if the organism plays a key role in the food chain.

How does a unicellular organism obtain food digest its food and turn the food into energy?

No, see as the unicellular organism digest the food it turns it into energy,

Which type of organism changes energy from sun into food for itself and others?

the answer you are most likely looking for is any photosynthetic plant.

What is the path of energy in food from one organism to another is a?

The path of energy in food from one organism to another is through consumption. When an organism eats another organism, it gains energy stored in the food it consumes. This energy is then used for various life processes such as growth, reproduction, and movement.

What shows the movement of energy from one organism to another?

The flow of energy from one organism to another is depicted by a food chain or food web. In a food chain, energy is transferred as one organism consumes another. This movement of energy is essential for the functioning of ecosystems.

What is the term for the process by which an organism uses oxygen and food for energy?

Unless your doing a degree course this sounds most likely to be respiration.

Why do ova have a food store?

A food store is needed for developing young organism, once its fertilised.

If an organism converts energy in the environment into food what is the ecological role of the organism?

The organism is acting as a producer in the food chain by converting energy from the environment into food through photosynthesis. This food source then becomes energy for other organisms in the ecosystem, potentially serving as a primary energy source for higher trophic levels.

What do the arrows in the food chain represent?

How energy moves from organism to organism.

Why a food chain with more than 6 organism is not likely to be a successful one?

There is a loss of energy at each trophic level, such that insufficient energy can be gained by animals at the "top" end of longer food chains/webs.

What happens to food taken in by an organism?

The energy from the food is stored