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Q: Will a hamster get a disease if you take him outside?
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What do you do if your hamsters nose has a big bump on it?

I'm sorry but your hamster has a disease you have to kill it some how and than burn the body. my old hamster died from that

Can baby hamsters go ouside?

NO! you just shouldn't take a baby hamster outside not even a fully grown hamster should go outside.

Why is your hamsters faeces runny?

It means your hamster may have wet tail. You should take take him to a vet immediately as this is a fatal disease and kills the hamster really quickly.

Can people get disease from a hamster?


How do I know if my hamster has some skin disease or if it's just his sebaceous gland?

I'd take it to the vet

What does it mean if you find your hamster wet and hairless?

It probably has a disease so you should take it to the vet and clean their cage

Why did your hamster die if you took good care of him?

The hamster could of easily of had a disease of somewhat.

How do you stop cats from eating hamsters?

You prevent your cat from having access to your hamster. Keep your hamster caged at all times unless supervised by an adult. If the cat is aggressive, keep the cat in a seperate room or outside when you take the hamster out.

How can you find out why your hamster has hair loss?

If your hamster has hair loss this could be a symptom of a disease or parasites.

Can you hold a hamster in the sun outside?


When a hamster dies does it leave behind a disease that kills the remaining hamsters?

no your hamster is fine just clean the cage and take care of the new ones?oh and disinfect the cage before you romaine the other hamsters

How do you cach a hamster outside?

If a hamster escaped from his or her cage then catching it outside will be difficult. There are many ways to do so. Using tubs, or containers, or nets, can help assist in catching the hamster, as well as, the help from multiple people.