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Q: What are the trade offs facing an investor who is considering buying a put option on an existing portfolio?
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Are there financial dangers in buying stocks online?

The major danger of buying stocks online is investor incompetence. A broker can generally get a better return than an untrained investor (though there are exceptions).

Explain why buying on margin can be a devastating thing?

Buying on margin can deplete a person's portfolio and can be a devastating thing.

What is a real estate investor's primary motivation for buying property?


Where can someone purchase Dragon Oil?

Dragon oil can be purchases through an investor/shareholder of the stock. Buying Dragon oil shares can be completed through a investor of your choice.

benefits of buying business?

buying an running or existing business is a process of acquiring business which is on sale.

When an investor borrows money and invests the borrowed funds along with his or her own funds in securities?

buying on a margin

Buying stocks on the chance of a quick profit without considering risks is known as?

buying on margin.

Who is buying superior banks in Florida and Alabama?

Though Superior Bancorp has not done well in the last 5-7 years, and they are operating under a consent agreement with the Office of Thrift Supervision, there is no news of anyone buying them. It is possible the OTS is brokering such a deal, which may not be public knowledge yet. Recent news cites a $10MM lawsuit against the thrift for allegedly lying to an investor about the institution's health and loan portfolio.

How can you take over an existing wig store?

by buying it from the owner

Is abf considering buying usf holland?

We could only wish

What does receiving a buying signal from a prospective client mean?

A comment from the client which indicates that he is considering, to whatever extent, buying your product.

What is it called when an investor buys partial ownership in a corporation?

it means there buying stocks from the corporation thus partially owning the corporation