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There must be! if there was one in chippenham, there must be in Glasgow is well! Keep looking!

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βˆ™ 2007-10-31 17:41:16
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Q: Are there any auditions for 13 year old girls in Glasgow?
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are there any panto and theatre auditions in glasgow for christmas 2008?

Is there any open auditions in Glasgow for teen girls with no experience?

To get that information, you'll have to do an online search for modeling and talent agencies in the Glasgow area. Each official website for the agency will state when and if they are holding auditions for new talent.

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actually i dont know my self.cuz i am looking for auditions myself.

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The UK Theatre School held open auditions on Saturday 8th November 2008 at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

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Hi , I Really Want To No That To I Live IN Scotland And Want To Audtion For Romilda Vane Any Body Got Any Info for us

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if i were you i'd look around on the net for helpful sites, there is some great sites for auditions

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possibly search auditions england girls 14-16

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It is easiest to get an agent, and they will find auditions for you. There are some cattle call auditions that are open to anyone, but many auditions are closed auditions and require you to be called to the audition.

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