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It is used like any ordinary Action Replay.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-27 12:43:56
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Q: How is an Action Replay used in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get Pokemon Emerald on to your action replay?

you canot use action replay on game boy advanced. my friend has an action replay and used it on Pokemon ruby and sapphire but can't use it for Pokemon emerald?

How do you get actionreplay in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot get a action replay in Pokemon emerald its a thing you buy it is only used for a Nintendo DS.

What is action replay on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The action replay is a device used for cheating.

What is the action replay code on pearl for mew DS?

Well I used an action replay ultimate Pokemon cheats chip. It lets you get any Pokemon.

What is a Pokemon modifier in Pokemon Diamond?

A Pokemon modifier is a cheat code used on an Action Replay.

Is a Pokemon legit if you used action replay to get to it and get cherishballs to use on it but dont use action replay to catch it?

NO it isn't legit if you cheat to get it.

Where do you get Arceus in Pokemon platniun?

you don't the people who have it have used action replay

What are the warp codes for action replay and Pokemon Emearald?

GBA Pokemon games used Game-sharks not action replays!

Are action replay Pokemon banned from championship series?

Yes, action replay is a form of cheat codes, which are not to be used for help when a national contest.

How To Find A Shiny Pokemon?

either by getting lucky or by what i used Action Replay

Action replay code for level 100 Pokemon on firered?

action replay cannot be use on Pokemon fire red instead you need a gameshark cheats device that is used for GBA.

How do you get money cheats to work for Pokemon Emerald?

there are no money cheats! I know cos I'm practically a cheat guru unless its on action replay(i've neva used one before!)

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