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This survey has not been done. Actors and Actresses come into Bollywood at a daily basis. New Movies are released with new actors too.

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Officially this has not been counted yet.

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Q: How many actors and actress are in Bollywood?
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All bollywood actor actress muslim names?

No, all actors are not Muslims. There are many non Muslim actors and actress in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is one of them.

How many Bollywood actors are Christians?

I don't think there is any but sometimes Hollywood actors and actress do special guest apperances but rarely

Who is the funniest actress in bollywood?

It depends on the personal choice. There are many actress in funny roles in Bollywood. Kareena Kapoor is one such.

What are the religion of Bollywood actors and actress?

Bollywood has a blend of people of all religions. We have Hindu people. We have Muslims too.

Who is the bustiest Bollywood actress?

The bustiest bollywood actress is 'Ayesha Takia'.

How do you become an Bollywood actress?

bollywood actress are loved by all indians. they are followed by youth generation. you have to work hard and learn acting to be a bollywood actress.

Which Bollywood actress do you like?

My favorite Bollywood actress is Priyaka Chopra. She is a gorgeous, excellent actress, and my role model.

Who are Muslim actres in Bollywood?

there are many muslim actors in bollywood. musli actors in bollywood are shahrukh khan, salman khan, saif ali khan, aamir khan. all the khans are the king of the industry an are very famous actors.

Who is the most popular actress in Bollywood?

At present most popular actress is Vidya Balan.

Where is Bollywood actress dulari?

wheare is dulari actress

Sexyiest bollywood actress?

Answer 1jennifer tilly Answer 2No. I think the hottest bollywood actress anushka sharma

Who is pryanka chopras sister?

priyanka chopra is a very cute actress. her sister is parineeti chopa who is also a bollywood actress. she have also done many bollywood movies.

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