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The Queen as a Monarch and the Head of State receives around 40 million pounds sterling annually ($80 million) (which is for the whole Royal Family).

That money is to pay for the official royal residences, royal train, state royal trips, royal cars, royal household staff, royal official employees, royal secretaries, representative funds, security and etc.

The queen as Elizabeth Windsor is a private owner of thousands of acres of land, great private residences. She is a holder of shares, profitable hedge funds, investment accounts and much more, and has a private income of around 11-15 million pounds a year from the private title, that she uses for private life.

As a monarch she is the richest person on the planet, estimated at around 40 billion pounds sterling (all the residences, pieces of art, royal collection, the lands, the ships and the financial resources held by the monarch).

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Q: How much money does Queen Elizabeth II make?
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