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An Avox is someone who has done a crime (typically rebelling) and has been punished by having their tongues cut off so they can't speak and they have to serve the new Hunger Games tributes every year.

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Q: What is an Avox in 'The Hunger Games' trilogy?
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What starts with x that has to do with the Hunger Games?


When was The Hunger Games trilogy created?

The Hunger Games trilogy was created in 2008.

What is the Avox in the book Hunger Games?

Avox are Capitol servants who are captured and have their tongues cut so they can never speak. In The Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss meets two Avox that she has seen before they became Avox. The Avox girl was named Lavinia, which is learned in Mockingjay. She was a red-headed girl Katniss saw running from the Capitol but didn't rescue. Darius, a former Peacekeeper for District 12, also became an Avox after interferring with Gale's whipping in Catching Fire.

Who published the Hunger Games Trilogy?

Scholastic Press published the Hunger Games Trilogy.

What are the servants called in hunger games book?


What is avox?

An avox is a servent who has his/her toungue cut off so they cant speak. it is in the hunger games

Does Fred read the The Hunger Games trilogy?

EVERYONE should read the Hunger Games trilogy.

Who does katniss recognize at dinner in the book the hunger games?

the avox

Which book is the last in the Hunger Games Trilogy?

Mockingjay is the third and final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

What is the second book in the 'Hunger Games' trilogy?

The second book in the 'Hunger Games' trilogy is 'Catching Fire'. This is preceded by 'The Hunger Games', and followed by 'Mockingjay'.

Is the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy going to be the last?

Yes, that's why it's the Hunger Games Trilogy.

Is The Hunger Games trilogy part of The Hunger Games series?

Yes. There are three books in the series also known as a trilogy. Trilogy means "A group of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums." The Hunger Games trilogy is in fact a part of The Hunger Games series.

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