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The radio station you can listen to BBC Boxing is BBC radio 5 live. The station is 94.9. They have reports, news, and commentators for boxing on that station.

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Q: What radio station can you listen to BBC Boxing?
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BBC Sports does have a radio station, if one is located in the United Kingdom, one can listen to it on the radio if they have a radio. If not located in the United Kingdom it is more difficult to find it.

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BBC 5 live is a radio station that provides live news and sport. This radio station can be listened to via digital radio, television, and an internet strem.

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What station is BBC radio york on?

103.7, 104.3 and 95.5FM 1260 & 666AM listen online at

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what settings on my digital radio will trasmit bbc radio 6

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You can listen to BBC radio 3 on your digital radio or on your digital tv. You can also listen to BBC radio 3 on your mp3 player as well as online. Many of these options will allow you to download previously aired programs.

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