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the black dragon is.

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Q: Who is better the white dragon or the black dragon in Pokemon?
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What Pokemon game do you catch Reshiram?

In Pokemon black and white

What is better Pokemon Black 2 or White 2?

In black 2 you get Zekrom, Black Kyurem, Latios, Electibuzz and get to go to Back City. I white 2 you get Reshiram, White Kyurem, latias, Braviary and get to go to White Forest. In Black City you can vs high level Pokemon trainers and buy more items and in white Forest you can catch some Pokemon that you can't catch in Black 2. The rest of the game is the exact same so you decide witch one is better.

Is brock in Pokemon Black and White?

No. Brock will be excluded in Pokemon Black and White as there are new Gym Leaders!

What Pokemon is better Reshiram or Zekrom and should you get Pokemon Black or White?

As for the legendary Pokemon, depending on what type of Pokemon you prefer, Zekrom or Reshiram would both be acceptable. Zekrom is Pokemon White's cover Pokemon and is an Electric/Dragon type. Reshiram is Pokemon Black's cover Pokemon and is a Fire/Dragon type. For the games however, the version specific Pokemon are Throw and Pitilil (white) and Sawk (black). So it's still a toss up. I personally suggest black. -In terms of battling Pokemon besides there counterpart, reshiram holds a slight advantage because he has a better movepool and typing. If they were to battle each other, it really would come down to these few things: nature, IV, and EVs (since both share the same base speed value). Something to note is that Although Zekrom has a natural advantage against water type, Reshiram can one hit most water types with the exception of Kyogre.

How much those Pokemon Black and white cost with the Nintendo 3ds?

the pokemon black and white 2 are going to cost the same for the 3DS and the normal DS but on the 3DS it has been told that it will look somehow better.

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Is Zectron in Pokemon black or Pokemon White?

Zekrom (the black dragon) is found in Pokemon White.

What defeats dragon in Pokemon Black and White?

ice and dragon

What is Pokemon Blacks legendary Pokemon mascot?

The legendary mascots for Pokemon Black is Reshiram the white dragon one. Pokemon White is Zekrom the black dragon one.

Can you catch Reshiram in Pokemon White?

Unfortunately you cannot obtain Reshiram (Dragon/Fire) in Pokemon White, rather you can obtain Zekrom (Dragon/Electric). In my opinion, Reshiram is better, so i got Pokemon Black.

What is the white dragon Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

Reshiram, the legendary Dragon-Fire type Pokemon from the 5th Generation of Pokemon games. Available in Pokemon Black in N's castle, and available in Pokemon White only through trading with the other version.

How do you get to the ice dragon in Pokemon white and black?

in the giant chasm

Is Pokemon white better then black?

go white

What is better Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black by far. but if you have a choice between Pokemon black or Pokemon white get white. you can get more Pokemon in white than black , plus there is white forest and you can get rare Pokemon there i think

How do you get the TM Dragon Rage in Pokemon black and white?

There's no TM for Dragon Rage.

What is the black Pokemon in black and white?

Zekrom. It is Pokemon White's mascot, NOT Pokemon Black's, as a common and logical error states BUT its vise versa in pokemon black 2 and pokemon white 2 so if u want to get a zekrom (advise: hes better) i suddegest pokemon black 2 but pokemon white 2 is a better game

What is the trio in Pokemon White and black?

Reshiram - Dragon/Fire Zekrom - Dragon/Electric Kyurem- Dragon/Ice

What are dragon typed week to in Pokemon Black and White?

Dragon type is a supereffective type against dragon type

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