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On May 3, 1999 as tornadoes ravaged Oklahoma scientist measured the highest recorded wind speed at about 7:00 p.m. near Moore, Oklahoma. A wind speed of 302 mph was recorded where a tornado killed 38 people and destroyed 8,000 homes.

The Fujita Scale for tornadoes

F0 Gale tornado 40-72 mph

F1 Moderate tornado 73-112 mph

F2 Significant tornado 113-157 mph

F3 Severe tornado 158-206 mph

F4 Devastating tornado 207-260 mph

F5 Incredible tornado 261-318 mph

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Q: How fast do tornado wind speeds get up to?
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The wind speed in a tornado may reach speeds well over 200 mph, though few tornadoes are that intense. Winds over 300 mph may occur in rare instances. A 200 mph wind speed marks the upper limit of wind estimates for an EF4 tornado. A tornado with estimated winds higher than that would be rated EF5.

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