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An electromagnet is that type of magnet that only acts like a magnet only when an electric current passes through it.

Under normal conditions, an electromagnet is not magnetic, but when current is passed through the electromagnet, it turns into a strong magnet. Magnet fields are generated when electricity is passed through the electromagnet.

This property can be used to selectively make a material magnetic and non magnetic.

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Q: What is an eletromagnet?
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Who invented the first eletromagnet?


How does an eletromagnet work?

The eletromagnet works by the energy flowing through the wire wrapped around the iron rod that causes the magnetic field

What does an eletromagnet do in a motor?

Provide amoving magnetic force field.

What will increase the strength of an eletromagnet?

Increasing the number of coils in wire

What two things are 0.5 inches?

a oreo cookie and a small eletromagnet

What is better for lifting heavy metal objects eletromagnet or permanet magnet?

permanet object

Is a electromagnet with a six volt lantern battery really powerful or not?

Is a eletromagnet with a six volt lantern battery really powerful or not?

Does a magnetic field strengthen on weekend as you move away from the eletromagnet?

The magnetic field becomes weaker as you move away from the electromagnetic source.

What is a eletromagnet produced by?

I believe that it's spelled electromagnet. An electromagnet is produced by electricity flowing through a wire wrapped around a needle 30 or more times.

The polarity of an eletromagnet is determined by the?

the way in which the positive & negative terminals on the battery or power supply are attached to the electromagnet. switching the leads from the positive terminal to the negative one, and the negative one to the positive terminal should reverse the polarity of your electromagnet.

What do you need to make an eletromagnet?

Electromagnets require little more than a power source and a conductive substance, producing an electromagnetic field. Insulated copper wire, a battery, and an iron nail can be used to make an electromagnet at home, but industrial electromagnets work on much larger scales.

How big is an eletromagnet?

An electromagnet can be any size from a few millimetres (magnetic tape or computer hard disc read/write heads) to several metres (industrial uses such as scrap yards for lifting steel, or research such as parts in particle accelerators and fusion reactors). The only limit to the upper size would be available materials and manufacturing technology.

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