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A good observation is one that is unbiased and the that avoid putting the observer's own thoughts and feelings into the report. A a good observer can observe, without interpreting an event.

An observation can make a business/company reputable and excellent in what they do. Observations only usually consist of a basic tally chart that counts the number of people walking into a certain shop for example. Observations are also good for a business/company starting up as they plan what areas of a city/town are most popular for their shop to be situated for example. Observers must be focused as they are counting as this is vital, this is the objective for observations.

From an Earth Sciences point of view, some of the characteristics that might constitute a good observation are:

It is relatively unambiguous, and would be described in roughly similar terms by anyone who observes it.

It can be verified independently.

It relates, or seems to relate to a process or theory that has some relevance to research.

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Q: What makes a good observation?
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