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In order to convert centimeters in to meters the number needs to be divided by 10. Converting 100 centimeters into meters is 100/10=10. The reverse is done to convert meters into centimeters.

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Q: What number would you use to convert centimeters to meters?
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How would you convert centimeters to meters?

Take the number of centimeters, move the decimal point 2 places this way and you have centimeters.

How would you convert 4.37 centimeters to meters?

The centi- prefix means 1/100, so divide 4.37 centimeters by 100 to convert it to meters.

How do you add measurements?

You have to make sure the units are the same. You cannot add meters and centimeters, for example. You would have to either convert meters to centimeters, or centimeters to meters.

How do you convert square centimeters to square meters?

You divide by 100. if you have 1000 square centimeters, it would be 10 square meters...

Why does meters times centimeters times millimeters equal Liters?

If you have three measurements of length (meters, centimeters, millimeters) and you multiply them together, you will end up with a measure of volume (liters). Of course, if you were to actually do this, you would want to convert all of the lengths into a common unit (convert centimeters and millimeters to meters or convert meters and centimeters to millimeters).

Is there an easy way to convert inches to centimeters?

To convert inches to centimeters you multiply the number of inches by 2.54. For example, to convert 10 inches to centimeters you would multiply 10 by 2.54 and the result would be 25.40 centimeters.

What is 5'2'' in meters and centimeters?

One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters. This would convert to 157.48 centimeters.

What units would you use to measure the area of a rectangle with length equals 1 m and width equals 34 cm?

you can either convert meters to centimeters or centimeters to meters.

How long is 20 inch in centimeters?

The measurement 20 inches is the same as 50.8 centimeters. This is because 1 inch is the same as 2.54 centimeters. You can convert the 20 inches into meters aswell which would be 0.508 meters.

How would you write 9 centimeters as a decimal number of meters?

There is 100 centimeters in every meter so 0.09 (0.9 would be 90 centimeters)

How many centimeters are ina kilometer?

first you need to convert centimeters to meters 1m=100cm now you can do meters to a kilometer 1km=1000m so there would be 100000cm in 1 km

How do you convert 4.2 centimeters into meters?

centi is an abbreviation for 1/100 therefore you must take the amount of centimeters and divide by 100, in the conversion above it would result in: 0.042 meters

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