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The speed of the bee's wings produces a 'hum' which falls within the range of our hearing. The crow's wings do produce a 'note' but it's too low for our ears to detect. Human hearing range falls roughly between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz,

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Q: When a bees flies we hear the sound produced by its wings .why cant we hear a crow flapping its wings as it flies?
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What is the sound of wings?

It is flapping wings.

What cause the buzzing sound of a honey be?

When an insect flies, the size of its wings and the speed of their flapping affect the sound they make.

What is the sound of wings called?

It is flapping wings.

What is the sound made by wings called?

Um, a flapping sound?

Which part of the bee make the buzzing sound?

that would be the wings, like all flying insects that make a buzzing sound.

What part of the humming bird's body makes the humming sound?

Because it didn't know the words? They don't hum. Their wings are making the humming sound. The hummingbirds chirp.

What makes the buzzing sound on a honeybee?

The high speed flapping of their wings makes a vibration sound that is the 'buzz' that you can hear.

How did a Hummingbirds get name?

From the sound its wings make from flapping so fast. It sounds like they are humming.

How do horseflies fly?

Horse Flies fly by flapping there wings, like every other living flier.

How does a butterfly flies?

a butterfly flies by flapping its wings but some butterflies do not fly like other butter flies do. Some butterflies flies like other birds

Do turkey wings make sounds when they take off?

It makes a flapping noise when the turkey flies a little bit.

Why is the loudness different between the sound of a mosquito rapidly breathing its wings and a bird flapping its wings?

mosquitos are smaller so when they breathe rapidly the sound is higher pitched. Humming birds are larger so the sound of them beating their wings are louder. hope i helped.