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The reaction is a condensation reaction so in addition to the disaccharide water is also a product. N.B. glucose + glucose -> maltose + water (not sucrose) glucose + fructose -> sucrose + water

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Q: When two glucose molecules combine to form sucrose what molecule comes out of the reaction?
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What is the name of the reaction when two glucose molecules combine to form a disaccharide molecule?

condensation reaction

What kind of reaction occurs when two glucose molecules combine to form a disaccharide molecule?

The answer is Dehydration! One water molecule is REMOVED to make a disaccharide.

What is a reaction between two monomers that causes a water molecule to be released?

A reaction that involves the formation and removal of a molecule of water is called a condensation reaction.An example:Two glucose molecules combine. One sheds a hydroxyl group (-OH) and the other loses an atom of hydrogen (-H). These form water. The two glucose residues combine to form a molecule of maltose.(Glucose molecules can combine in other ways to form other products.)

Glucose plus glucose equals?

2 glucose molecules join to form a molecule of maltose while releasing a molecule of water. The reaction is a condensation reaction.

Molecules of glucose and fructose combine to form sucrose by doing what?

A condensation reaction.

How many molecules of CO2 form one molecule of glucose?

It takes six molecules of CO2 to form one molecule of glucose. Plants use chloroplasts to make glucose molecules. It uses energy from the light reactions of photosynthesis to combine six water molecules to the six CO2.The overall reaction is 6 CO2 + 6 H2O → 1 Glucose (C6H12O6) + 6 O2

How many molecules of carbon dioxide are produced during Transition reaction for 1 molecule of glucose?

One molecule of glucose is capable of being metabolized into 6 molecules of CO2.

What reaction converts glucose into starch?

the reaction which converts glucose into starch is a condensation reaction. two glucose molecules are joined together through the reaction to form starch and a small molecule (usually water).

How many glucose molecules are produced by each cycle of light reaction?

Only 1 molecule of glucose is produced by each cycle of light reaction.

What is larger water molecule or glucose molecule?

Glucose molecules are bigger than water molecules.

How many carbon dioxide molecules can be formed from one glucose molecule during respiration?

SIX molecules of CO2 can be formed from 1 molecule of glucose. The reaction is as follows: C6H12O6 + 6O2 -----> 6CO2 + H2O

What are conjugated molecules?

two different molecules belonging to two different catagories when combine together they form conjugated molecule. E.g 1. when glucose and lipid combines glycolipid molecule is formed which is a conjugated molecule.

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