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Both the flame heating the pan and the pan heating the water are examples of conduction. Convection is when the molecules of water heat other molecules of water.

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Q: When water is heated on a stove the flame heats the pan which in turn heats the water Is that convection or conduction?
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How a gas oven bakes a cake?

The gas flame heats the air in the oven. The hot air heats the cake pan by convection. The cake pan heats the cake batter by conduction of heat.

What heats up the earth atmosphere?

conduction, convection, and radiation

How do radiation conduction and convection heat the troposphere?

Radiation heats the troposphere by the sun heating objects on the earths surface. Convection constantly heats up cold air and conduction allows the heat to travel.

Does a pizza cooked in a pizza oven with a hot floor use radiation conduction and convection?

Pizza in an oven recieves heat by radiation from the hot metal casing, and the burner, and by conduction from the air. Convection only heats fluids; so the air around the pizza (which is cooled by it) flows in convection currents, and interracts with hotter air. The pizza is heated faster because of convection heating taking place, but is not heated by it direction.

Dose grilling use conduction convection and radiation?

I don't think so - I don't think any convection is involved. I think boiling uses all three though - heat is conducted, this radiates out and heats the water which when heated starts a convection current.

Is it convection conduction or radiation when the inside of the car heats in the sun?

It is radiation. Sunlight enters the car and heats up material inside.

How does conduction convection and radiation affect the movement and temperature of air near the ocean?

Conduction, convection, and radiation are all methods of transferring heat. The solar radiation heats the earth, and in turn, the atmosphere above it. Convection transfers heat by actual movement of material. Air heated from below will rise, displacing the air directly above it which results to an overturning of the atmosphere.?æ

When a hair dryer heats a balloon and the air inside it the balloon expands is radiation convection or conduction?


How is the atmosphere affected by conduction convection radiation?

The atmosphere is affected by convention because convection heats the lower atmosphere. Radiation transfers energy which other gases heat up. Conduction does not impact the atmosphere in these same ways.

Why hot sand heats the air not an example of conduction?

I think it is an example on convection.

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