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Yes, there is more mass in an inflated balloon than a deflated one. The difference is the gas that was used to inflate the balloon. The gas may not weigh very much, but it does make a difference.

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An inflated tyre weighs more. The air you add has weight.

A tyre gauge measures the pounds of air you put into our tyre.

The difference is so slight you couldn't tell the diference.

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Well, NO as a ball would be very heavy for a 4 year old to hold but if the ball got deflated the ball would still be heavy to the 4 year old but would be much lighter for the child to carry.

(I am not sure about this answer but this is what I think. I got this question in one of my tuition paper and this is the answer I am writing. I am going to ask my tuition teacher about this question and see if my answer is right or wrong. Why don't you ask your teacher?)

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The inflated tire - by a tiny amount (the extra air doesn't weigh very much).

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Q: Which would be heavier and why a flat tire or an inflated tire?
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What is heavier an inflated tyre or a flat tyre?

Depends on how you look at it. Tire + lots of pressurized air inside will weigh a tad more than tire with only a little air inside. But the actual tire casing will weigh the same whether it's inflated or not.

What weighs more a flat or full tire?

A full tire is heavier than a flat tire. When a they are both flat they weigh the same but added air makes the full tire heavier.

Is inflated tire lighter?

No, heavier by the weight of the extra air put inside it. Even if you filled the tire with helium it is still heavier, although the additional weight would be less than the additional weight of air.

Why does A flat tire take up less space than an inflated tire?

it is actually smaller

When a tire is under inflated what part of the tire grips the road?

When a tire is properly inflated it will be level to the ground. Over inflated and the middle of the tire has the most pressure on the ground. Under inflated and the sides of the tire have the most pressure on the ground.

How much does an inflated car tire weigh?

The same as a tire that has not been inflated.

Which one would be the heavier tire air tire or punctured tire?

There would be no detectable difference.

Does a car tire weigh more with air or the same when its flat and tire is on a rim?

The chemical signature for air is H20, or 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen. As each of these elements has mass, even in a gaseous state, the short answer is that air weighs 0.070 lbs oer cubic foot. So at one atmosphere of 14.7 PSI (that is the pressure of the air around us) when the tire is flat, if you knew the volume of the tire, you could compute the weight of the air in the tire. Now, if the tire were inflated to 26 PSI, it would be at 1.77 atmosphere, so the weight of the air in the tire when inflated would more than when it is flat. No, H2O is the chemical signature for WATER. Otherwise the answer would be correct.

What would cause a sound like a flat tire while driving if the tire is not flat?

Two things could cause the tire to make a noise sounding like a flat tire even though the tire is fully inflated. First, if the tire has a big enough flat spot on the tread surface and second if the radial plies in the tire have separated letting air between the belts causing patches of the tread surface to bulge.Answeri test drove a geo that had loose lug nits on it that made a noise like that

Why is riding a bike with a flat tire harder?

As a bike, or any vehicle with inflated wheels roll forward, the tire gets deformed, kinda squashed out. Scrunching up the rübber takes energy, and the more scrunching the more energy it steals. With a properly inflated tire the folds and waves of the tire is quite small, so there's not a lot of power lost. But with a flat tire the folds and deformation is bigger, and so is the energy loss.

What would cause thumping noise like flat tire only during these cold mornings?

The tires are developing a flat spot from sitting overnight. The tire sits there in the cold and the rubber contacting the driveway becomes rigid. Some tires are worse than others when it comes to this. As the tire warms up the flat spot disappears as the rubber becomes more flexible, and the noise & vibration stops. Under-inflated tires are more susceptible to this. Keep your tires inflated to the factory recommended specs and that will help.

Where would the tread of a tire be worn out if the tire were under-inflated?

Underinflated tires wear faster on the sides than the middle.