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a phase change is where you go and have sex and when the sperm comes outt there you go

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Q: Why are phase changes physical changes?
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Types of Physical Changes?

Phase changes and dissolving are types of physical changes.

What are three examples of pysical change?

A physical change is reversible, and do not change the chemical composition of the sustance. Physical changes are things like phase changes, such as melting, boiling, and freezing. Physical changes can also be physical, as the name would suggest. These changes could be anything from mixing kool-aid in water or cutting a potato in two.

Is water condensing a chemical change?

No, it is a Physical Change. Physical Changes are concerned with energy and states of matter. A physical change does not produce a new substance. Changes in state or phase (condensation, melting, freezing, vaporization, sublimation) are physical changes. Other examples of physical changes include crushing a can, melting ice, and breaking a bottle. Chemical changes take place on the molecular level. A Chemical Change produces a new substance. Some examples of chemical changes include combustion (burning) and rusting of a metal.

Why are changes in a phase physical changes?

Because the chemical of that susbstance does not change, the only change in phase transition is the physical properties. For example, water (liquid) ------> water (ice). In this phase transition water is always H2O, but now water is harden (physically). However, you may think of the interactions between the molecules, but the chemical interation between water molecules do not change, only the fact that they interact with each other more frequently, which is also physical interaction. Hope this is help

Why are phase changes considered to be physical changes?

Because the only part of matter changed in a object is the formation of atoms inside not breaking any bonds in any molecule or atom but only the formation

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