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When it comes time to conclude an experiment, it is helpful to have a log of all information and observations that could be relevant. The unexpected observations are particularly important in determining why an experiment does not conclude as hypothesized.

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Q: Why is it important for a scientist to write down all observations including unexpected onte?
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A scientist makes observations about something he or she?

A scientist makes observations about something he or she wants to learn more about.

Why is it important for a scientist to make careful observations and to keep accurate records?

So They Can Have The Accurate Answers

Why is careful obersavation important to being a scientist?

A scientist may create an hypothesis on the basis of their observations. If their observations are carelessly made or recorded then any hypotheses they offer will be inaccurate reflections of nature. A scientist may alternatively collect observations to test an hypothesis. If these observations are carelessly made or recorded then the conclusions that the scientist makes about the hypothesis could very well be incorrect. At the very least the conclusions they draw would not be based on sound evidence (because the observations are unsound).

How do scientist learn from their observations?

By making mistakes.(:

What does a scientist use to gather information?


Where do scientist acquire evidence?

From observations or experiments

What can bias a scientist's observations?

If the scientist based on what they already know can misinterpret their behaviors

Who was the scientist who successfully explained observations?

robert Brown

When scientist make observations they always?

Make a hypothesis

Why it is important for scientist to be objective in observations?

Because answers need to be based on real data in order to be accurate, not based on personal bias.

How did scientist before the scientist revolution do their work?

Before the scientific revolution scientists would do mostly observations. These observations are what lead to the rise of patterns and the need for the scientific revolution.

How do lab tools improve the observations made by a scientist?

Lab tools can greatly improve the observations made by a scientist. This is due to the fact that the lab tools can quantify the changes the scientist is seeing, resulting in usable data.

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