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No because water is weak and suger is a tough solid object so it wont dissolve in water (but it might dissolve in custard).

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Q: Will water dissolve sugar
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Why does sugar not dissolve in water?

Sugar will dissolve in water upto the point when the water becomes 'saturated' with sugar, then no more sugar will dissolve.

Will sugar dissolve faster in vinegar or water?

water will dissolve sugar the quickest

Does salt or sugar dissolve faster in water?

Sugar dissolve faster in water.

How much sugar can water dissolve?

70g of sugar will dissolve in water at the temperature of 2o

How do you make sugar water?

Dissolve sugar in water.

What mixtures can dissolve?

Sugar can dissolve in water.

How fast does sugar dissolve in water and how fast salt dissolve in water?

The amount of time and speed it takes to dissolve sugar in water and dissolve salt in water depends on the amounts of salt and sugar, the amount of water, and the temperature of the water. The approximate time needed to dissolve the sugar and salt in water is 25 minutes.

What changes does dissolving sugar in water have?

sugar dissolve in water to give a colourless solution but if sugar put in excess will not dissolve in water

How can sugar dissolve quicker in water?

Heat the water and mix vigorously then the sugar will dissolve faster.

Can water dissolve more salt or sugar?

More sugar can dissolve in water than salt.

What is the maximum amount of sugar that will dissolve in 100ml water?

204g of sugar is the maximum amount of sugar that will dissolve into 100mL of water.

Can sugar dissolve in water and it can be separated by filtration?

Yes sugar can dissolve in water and no you cannot separate the sugar by filtration. You can separate the sugar by evaporation

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