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As a noun, lumber is the wood of trees that have been cut down and prepared for use as building material. As a verb, it means to move heavily or clumsily, or it means to cut trees to be used for building material. A lumberjack is a person who fells (cuts down) trees.

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Q: What does lumber mean?
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What does milling mean?

Milling can mean getting unfinished lumber turned into finished lumber ready for building etc.

What does milled mean?

Milling can mean getting unfinished lumber turned into finished lumber ready for building etc.

What are two meanings for the word lumber?

Lumber can mean wood when used as a noun or,if used as a verb, it can mean to move in a slow awkward way.

What does Madera mean?

Madera means "wood" or "lumber".

What does lvl mean in timber beams?

Laminated veneer lumber

Is the correct plural of lumber is lumber?

Yes. Lumber.

What does S4S mean in the lumber industry?

Square all 4 sides.

Can you get lumber after getting lumber shed in harvest moon?

when you have the lumber shed it will not show the lumber but in fact it DOES go into the lumber shed to get the lumber out press on the shed I HOPE I HAVE HELPED YOU

Is lumber a collective noun?

No, the noun lumber is not used as a collective noun. The collective noun for lumber is a stack of lumber.

What is timber and lumber?

Timber and lumber are basically wood and they mean the same thing. Timber/lumber is wood used as building material, or a tree considered as a source of wood instead of as a plant. It can also mean a beam or a person who is a timber, thought the person meaning I've not heard of much. Answer Timber is usually the wood as it grows or is felled. Lumber is the wood after it is milled and ready for use.

What are some types of hardword lumber?

There are many different types of hardwood lumber that are available. Some types you can use are ash lumber, cotton wood lumber, hackberry lumber, and black locust lumber.

What is a lumber jobber?

a job to get lumber

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