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definately, congratulations!

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Q: If period can on heavy 2 days then go off light in the third do that mean your pregnant?
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What is the Difference between a third world country and an advanced country?

Today, the term "third world" is no longer used very much as it has been deemed politically incorrect by many. The term actually originated after WWII, when the Third World referred to countries that were neither communist nor capitalist and were therefore "up for grabs." Many of these countries were in Central/South America, Africa and Asia. As a result, third world is now synonymous with "developing world" or "global south." This basically means that a country has a lower per capita income, and has less developed industries and infrastructure (healthcare, education system, roads, etc.) Many "third world" countries struggle heavily with debt, poverty, and diseases. The "advanced" countries are generally referring to places like the United States, Western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. These countries generally have a high per-capita income, developed national industries, high levels of education, higher life expectancy, more civil and political rights and a general higher quality of life.

1 bottle of water is equal to how many liters of water?

Depends on the bottle size some bottles are 2 litre while others are only a third of a litre

What was conflict between third world and developed countries?

1. Third world countries have valuable minerals/ores/oil that developed countries desire. 2. Once in a while, there might be someone who wants to control more land (expand empire), but that rarely happens now. 3. A country wants to improve another country's government system, but the citizens/people living there refuse the help. There are more conflicts other than the ones listed here.

What does it mean to be a vegetable?

It can mean any one of several things. First, it could be a derogatory reference to a paraplegic, quadriplegic, a comatose person, or someone suffering from another debilitating condition or illness. Second, it could refer to a lazy person, evoking images of the first case, above. Third, it could mean that you are, quite literally, a vegetable (i.e. a plant).

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First of all, just about every adult is ageist to the younger people. They even lie and say that they're not ageist. Second of all ageism is wrong because every person at any age should get treated the same. Third of all, even people who are 12 years old who try to make a blog on get ticked off because it says you have to be 13 and older. For the record, I hate that too. When you are like 12 years old your parents might even tease you about having a girlfriend or boyfriend, and they don't tease you about having a girlfriend or boyfriend when you're like your parents age because parents want their kids to be teased but they lie and say they don't so when your 12, never tell your parents about your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Are you pregnant if your period stopped on the third day of your period when they last 7 days you had unprotected sex?

Yes, you could be

Can you be pregnant while nursing your 13 month old and experiencing two light periods that looked red and brown and then the third period was a brown spot?

Yes - take a test

Say you got your period on the third and it left on the seventh and you had unpotected sex on the 11th could you get pregnant?

there are 100 % chances of you getting pregnant.

2 days late have had pink discharge both days on the third light red discharge with small blood clots could you be pregnant or is this your period?

i only have the red discharge when i wiped its not constant

What is the third degree of heavy?

The third degree of heavy is the heaviest

Could I get pregnant if my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on the third day of my period and now my period is lighter even if he pulled out?

yes, it is possible. get a pregnancy test.

Is light spotting on you're period normal when you normally don't have light periods?

not usually you could be pregnant i would take a pregnancy test i am a mother of two and have a third on the way and both of my last two were the verry same way with my first i had my period for the first five months so anything is possible good luck

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you had a regular period on the scheduled date and on the 3rd day of your cycle you had really light spotting or is it just an irregular period?

Hello. A lot of peoples periods become spotty or a lot lighter on the third day. Because you had a period its highly unlikely your pregnant hun. But if your concerned, do a pregnancy test.

Could discharge and cramping occur if I am pregnant?

Discharge and cramping can occur during pregnancy, particularly during the first and third trimesters. However, they can also be signs that your period is about to arrive. Pregnancy cramping shouldn't be too painful or be accompanied by heavy bleeding

I am in the 8Th week of pregnancy and have had light bleeding for 2 days then heavy on the third?

Contact your doctor right away.

Can you get your period with mild menstrual cramps and still be pregnant?

Yes, it happened to me. I had 1 period after pregnancy with my first child and 2 periods after pregnancy with my third child.

What if you missed your period for two months than the third month it came?

Than there is a possibility that you are pregnant.. You should go and get tested.

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