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How do you write a comparative product review

Before writing product review we must analyze pros and cons of both the products. Our writing should be unique and not selling product.

When a company sends you recommendations of what to buy you know that

it accessed information about you.

When the narrator of epic 2015 describes the year 2015 as the worst of times he is referring to the idea that

the warriors will win the nba finals

Which of these factors resulted in the creation of a reality in which people are always on

The Affordability Of Cell Phone Service

The widespread availability of the Internet in homes

What demographic is most likely to play games on a cell phone

Teenage girls

How does one build social capital

By building an online presence

Messing around online us a phrase that means

Another term for messing around on the internet is surfing the web. This is what most people do when they are online pointlessly.

When does the narrator of epic 2015 say the road to 2015 began

With the advent of World Wide Web in 1989

What did Greenpeace ultimately do with mister splashy pants

create a money-making marketing campaign.

What An example of social steganography would be

including a hidden message for certain people in a post.

What The ease of uploading and sharing on the Internet has led to

the oversharing of information.

What is the purpose of Alexis Ohanian's TEDTalk

To illustrate the power of social media

What consequences might someone face by sharing too much personal information online

Being fired from a job.

In the film EPIC 2015 EPIC is the name for

B. a customized package of information.

What is an example of collective sharing

buying a product and reviewing it online

What Do critics say about social media tools used for self expression

That they are inadequate because we have to condense feelings

A user review is a review of a product written by a person who

has used the product before. (trust me its right lol)

Online criminals can steal your identity by

Viewing your profile

Ohanian says that when using social media to accomplish a mission be aware that you will likely

lose control of your message.

What is a hobby that was created due to GPS technology


Which of these is an example of geeking out

Creating an online networking site for friends

What happens when we say and do things online

We create a trail of information.

The narrator of the film "EPIC 2015" says "at its worst" will be a package of

mostly untrue, shallow trivia.

People might choose to lurk on the internet so that they can

anonymously explore and experiment without committing themselves.

Redditor’s primary interest in β€œMister Splashy pants” resulted from

An interest in naming a meme-apex

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