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What is Standard and Poors

Standard and Poors is one of the 3 premier Credit Rating Agencies in the world.

How is an executive agreement different from a treaty

An executive agreement does not require Senate approval.

What did the US Supreme Court rule in Furman v Georgia

In Furman vs. Georgia the court ruled that all existing death penalty laws violated the constitution.

In shooting an elephant why does Orwell use Latin phrases

why does George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant uses latin?

What presidents have used the line item veto

Bill Clinton

When do shortages occur

Shortages occur when producers will not or can't offer goods or services at current prices.

What best describes the goal of economic efficiency

achieving full employment

What does CD-R and CD-RW stand for

CD-R = compact disc readable only

CD-RW = compact disc rewritable

Is denaturalization of a protein always permanent


What is the answer for this problem Tim bought three CDs Each cost 12.99 what was the cost of the three CDs

12.99 x 3 = 38.97

Price of CD x number of CDs = Cost of three CDs

How can a president exercise the power of recognition

by greeting the leader or representative of another country when that person visits

What was a consequence of President Johnson ignoring the Tenure of Office Act

he was impeached

Why is it important that troops can only remain in a foreign country for 60 days unless congress approves

It prevents the President from having too much power.

What is the option to sell shares of stock at a specified time in the future called

It's actually called a call option. I will provide you with a definition I just found for this, and some additional tips on options trading.

- - - - -

The option to sell shares is a put. The option to buy them is a call.

Which is an example of using Physical capital to save time and money

build extra space in a factory to simplify production

When you are thinking on the margin the factor that should most influence your decision is most closely described by which of the following terms

opportunity cost

Why do you need to understand Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is fundamental in understanding the true economist cost (and thus profitability) of actions.

Is it true that congress does not have the power to override a presidential veto

That is false. Congress can override a presidential veto with a 2/3 vote of both houses.

What accurately describes the principle of prior restraint

The principle of prior restraint means that Government may not ban speech before it is expressed. This is also sometimes called pre-publication censorship.

The government may not ban speech before it is expressed. (GradPoint)

What did the Supreme Courts decision in Boy Scouts of America v Dale 2000 rule about the right of association

States cannot force associations to accept all members. [Gradpoint]

The supreme court has ruled that the military draft and imprisonment what

Do not violate the 13th amendment

What is an institution that helps channels funds for savers to borrowers called

a financial intermediary

Who was the president in 2002 in the you.s.a

George W. Bush

What do some people argue that anyone who accepts a presidential pardon

How can a president pardon himself without admitting to a crime

According to the supreme court when is it acceptable for a government body to display a religious nativity scene

when the display features other seasonal items

In the United states which groups are allowed to hold meetings

any group

In the case of Rochin v. California the Supreme Court ruled that the

14th and amendment was violated

The presidents legislative power includes each of the following except what

Presidents don't have legislative power. Congress has legislative powers. Presidents don't make laws.

What of these activities is protected by the constitutional right of free expression except

A blogger publishes secret national security imformation

What is an example of the use of freedom to petition

The right of the people to petition the Government from redress of grievances

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