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What angle is between 90 and 180

An angle that is between 90 degrees and 180 degrees is called an obtuse angle.

Ex. : 175 degrees, 140 degrees.

How does a battery store electrical current

The battery does not store "electrical current" per se. It stores chemical energy. The chemicals in the battery will react if an outside circuit is completed, and current will flow. As the chemicals react, they cause voltage, which is "electrical pressure" and will drive current flow (the movement of electrons) if there is a circuit to support that current. As current flows, the chemical energy is "used up" and the battery discharges.

What condition has symptoms that include ringing buzzing or roaring in the ears or head

tinnitus (a+)

What is the transfer of energy as electromagnetic waves called

first of all electromagnetic waves are energy waves. and we call electromagnetic waves RADIATION.

V-cube 7 or megaminx


What instrument measures direct current

Voltage . . . DC voltmeter

Current . . . DC ammeter

The "ohmmeter" is also fundamentally a DC ammeter at heart.

Frequency . . . DC doesn't have frequency.

What is the primary role of global circulation cells

There are three global circulation cells - Hadley cell, Ferrel cell, and Polar cell. Their primary roles are directing the flow of air on the planet.

What wave is the number of wave cycles in a unit of time

wave frequency

What area of technology might be associated with safety device

A+ is forces and motion

Why is alternating current used for the transmission of electrical energy over long distances instead of direct current

it is safer and you can easily reduce the current

How many watts is 9 volts

Nine volts is equal to zero volts. Watts are the product of amps times volts. An amperage must be multiplied by the voltage to produce a wattage value.

What parts of a battery are used by two different types of metals

Anode & Cathode

Is a steam engine an example of an internal combustion engine

No, the steam engine is an external combustion engine because the steam is heated by heat generated by combustion outside externally through heat transfer.

A spark ignition engine is an example of an internal combustion engine.

What is to a current as it flows though a circuit

Depending on the type of current which are direct current and alternating current,direct current travels in one direction while alternating current travels in a varying direction to the flow of current

How does gravity work against inertia

Inertia is the property of matter by which it remains in constant, uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.

Gravity is an ever-present external force.

What is the use of integarted circuits ic is there any relation between ic with processor and what is relationship

An integrated circuit contains multiple diodes and transistors on silicon. A processor performs the calculations in a computer.

How do electrical energy convert in heat energy in electric iron

Devices that convert electrical energy to heat normally have a resistance that does that.

Forces and motion waves energy and energy transfer light and the electromagnetic spectrum Which area of technology might be associated with this item safety device

forces and motion

What types of magnets are harder to magnetism much longer


How does the strength of the electric field vary with the distance for the positive point charge

Strength of electric field is inversely proportional to the square of the distance right from the positive charge

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