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How does a static discharge differ from an electric current

It doesn't differ at all, an electric current is electricity that is moving in a current and when static electricity is discharged from an object it creates a current from one object to another

Do neutrons have an electric charge

Neutrons have a neutral charge
Neutrons have no charge.

2001 toyoto blows fuse when you go in reverse

Not enough information. WHICH fuse blows out???

What is an example of electromagnetic

Which one of the following is not an example of and electromagnetic wave?

Is nickel attracted to a magnet

Yes yes it is............................................. because it has an ability to attacted the magnet

Charges repel each other

____________ charges repel each other.


What happens when two sound waves meet in destructive interference

The sound becomes softer or disappears.

Electromagnetic waves whose photons carry the highest energy also have what

Shortest wavelengths

What is a wave that requires a medium through which to travel

A mechanical wave such as a sound wave requires a medium to travel through.

In what kind of circuit is the voltage the same across all branches

The voltages are the same across the branches in a parallel circuit.

How is the wiring done in houses and other occupied buildings

It is in parallel, so one light can be on while others are turned off.

Current is the movement of negative charges called protons


Identify the correct statement of Ohm's Law

Ohm's Law states that 'the current flowing along a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across the ends of that conductor, providing all physical conditions, such as temperature, remain constant'.

Unfortunately, Ohm's Law applies to very few conductors and, so, hardly qualifies as a 'law' at all!

In a series circuit the is the same at every point

In a series circuit the current is the same at every point. This is Kirchoff's current law.

Do Electric field lines point from positive charges to negative charges

No not always. There could be from negative charges to positive charges.


After it passes how is the frequency you hear different from that being produced by the ambulance

It is lower due to the Doppler effect.

When a sounds intensity increases by a factor of 10 its decibel reading increases by dB


A 120 V power supply connected to a 30 ohm resistor will produce how many amps of current

A 120V power supply connected to a 30 Ohm resistor will produce 120/30 or 4 amps of current.

What has the lowest frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum

radio waves has lowest frequency in electromagnetic spectrum

What are two kinds of fields that's make up an electromagnetic waves

Electric and Magnetic

What do we call the number of waves that pass by a given point in one second

the Frequency (apex)

What occurs to current in a circuit when voltage is increased

It increases

Why do radio waves travel faster than the sound wave

Radio waves are just low frequency light waves. They travel at the speed of light, much faster than sound waves which are just changes in pressure traveling in waves

Birds sitting on a single power line don't get shocked because there is no path for current to flow to the .


Where are you most likely to build up enough static charge to receive shock

On a nylon carpet in a dry area.

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