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What does political party mean

Election held to choose candidates for the main election

What act enforced prohibition

The Volstead Act

Where did most immigrants to the US come from between 1820 and 1860


Are verbs and verb phrases two kinds of verbs

No. All verb phrases include verbs. The verb phrase is the part of the sentence that contains the verb and any auxiliary verbs, as when diagramming sentences.

Example :

"The boy should have finished his homework."

The verb is to finish, the complete (present perfect)verb is have finished, and the verb phrase includes the auxiliary verb should, should have finished.

What music did Blues influence

Rock 'n' roll mainly. Rock 'n' roll was also inspired by country music. There is a common misconception that jazz came from blues, however it is actually derived from the music of marching bands. Another misconception is gospel music. Black gospel music has definitively been traced back to Scotland.

What term means that a nation shares power between a central government and local governments

The term "federal" means the nation shares power between a central government and local governments.

What year did the us recognize panama

The United States formally recognized Panama as a nation on November 18, 1903. Panama has declared its independence from Colombia not long before that.

13th Amendment granted women the right to vote

It was actually the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution that gave women the right to vote. The amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.

Age when William Howard Taft was elected president

William H. Taft was age 51 when elected President.

What position did Ballinger take in the Ballinger and Pinchot affair

Richard Ballinger was appointed to head the Dept. of the Interior by President William Taft in 1909. He sought to undo the conservationist work of former president Theodore Roosevelt, who had started the US National Park System by reserving public land for national parks. Ballinger opened some Alaska coal fields to commercial mining companies. Chief Forester Gifford Pinchot criticized Ballinger publicly and was fired for insubordination.

How does a 14 year old girl get drunk

By drinking illegally supplied alcoholic beverages.

Is say a linking verb or a action verb

"Say" is not a linking verb but an action verb. Linking verbs that are actions contain turn,smell,feel,etc.

What was enacted to enforce the eighteenth amendment

The Volstead Act was enacted to enforce the Eighteenth Amendment. This act was is also known as the National Prohibition Act.

Which statement best characterizes the purpose of the meeting at Haymarket Square in Chicago.

to improve the working conditions for workers in Chicago, Illinois

Where was Calvin Coolidge vice president

Coolidge was the vice-president of the United States when Warren Harding died. That is why Coolidge first became president. He later was elected to term of his own.

What year was Theodore Roosevelt elected Vice-President of the US

november 5th, 1912

What is an unscheduled session of the US Congress called

When an unscheduled session of the US Congress is called by the president, it is a special session.

When did they separate the Democratic Party and the Republican Party

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have never been together as a single party.

What was one result of the Immigration Act of 1990

The Immigration Act of 1990 raised the ceiling on immigration of families from 216,000 to 480,000, allowing more immigrants into the US. an increase in the number of aliens who enter the United States

What did President Roosevelt do to show U.S. military power

He sent put the great white fleet

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