Salary and Pay Rates

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How many paychecks does a person who is paid semimonthly receive each year

A person who is paid semimonthly is paid twice a month, so that person should receive two pay checks each month. If you take two by the number of months in a year (12) you get 24. So a person who gets paid semimonthly should receive a total of 24 checks a year.

Which of these is an element of limited payment life insurance

this life insurance policy has premium payment for a set number or years....

Which type of insurance will pay for the loss of the insured's leg or arm

Accidental Death or Dismemberment

did you know people eat toilet paper in prison so they wont starve..........

Which term is defined as the dollar amount earned in a worker's paycheck

nominal wages

What is the best description of a defined benefits plan

a set amount an employee will receive at retirement

What is the monthly gross pay if the basic is 2250 a month with 4.9 percent commission on 4828 in sales


If you received an annual salary of 33500 paid monthly what would your gross pay be each pay period


What is the gross pay per pay period if an employee is paid an annual salary of 37500 semimonthly


What are real wages

an indication of an individual's actual purchasing power.

Working for OK Titansports Donna makes an annual salary of 29400 What would her gross pay be if she were paid weekly

There are 52 weeks in a year, so her weekly pay would be:

$29400 ÷ 52 ≈ $565.38

Which is the best description of gross pay

the amount of money a worker receives before any deductions

Is salary an example of earned income


Which type of annuity credits an individual with a return that is based on changes in an index

indexed! :)

Which of these employees are eligible for overtime and holiday pay

hourly employees

Which term refers to benefits that can be accepted or declined by the employee


What does not reduce real wages


How is overtime pay often calculated

at one and one half times the hourly rate

What represents an employee's total compensation plan

salary and benefits combined

What are some statements that do not describe employees who work contract labor

"They are paid lots of money" does not describe employees who work contract labor.

Which of these employees earn a set annual income regardless of the hours or projects they complete


What employees are paid for the number of hours worked during a specified period


If an employee works on a holiday how much is he typically get paid

two times the employee's hourly rate

Money gained from stocks and bonds is an example of which of these

Unearned Income

Which one of these is not an example of an employees withholdings

Investment Earnings

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