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Why are you looking for new job

Many people look for a new job because they want to do a job they care about. Others want a new job to make more money.

What statement about the treatment of slaves is NOT correct

There are many statements about the treatment of slaves that are not correct. For instance it would not be true to say that slaves got preferential treatment from their masters.

What SI stand for

Self Injury

What is an occlusion

a closure or blockage of a blood vessel.

What causes a pain in your right side that starts the day after drinking alcohol and lasts for two to three days

That could be a swollen liver caused by alcohol. Best advise is to see a Doctor - or in the least, stop drinking if that is what is causing it.

How does cancer rate in terms of leading causes of death in America

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease.

What is the substance produce inside the brain that has pain killing effects

The Substance produced that kills pain is called Endorphins

What is the most common cause of an ischemic stroke

the buildup of a fatty substance called plaque

What have researchers discovered about marijuana use and memory

The hippocampus has THC receptors that reduce short=term memory

This is Paula's monthly budget What percent of her expenses is spent on insurance

20Given Paula's monthly budget, the percentage of expenses spent on insurance can be determined by subtracting all the other expenses from the monthly budget, which leaves you with the anoint spent on insurance.

What percentage of individuals who have been diagnosed with a major depressive disorder will also develop bipolar disorder

around 10%

What does the a represent in the rational emotive behavioral therapy model

activating event

Which disorders are not included in the substance-induced classification

alcoholism A+

previous answer was incorrect, this one is right

Which of these is the best description of Parkinson's disease

a neurological disease that causes tremor and/or stiffness in movement

Paul and his sister Darlene are both alcoholics Paul decides to join a group sponsored by AA Darlene opts to attend an outpatient twelve-step oriented program What difference will they discover bet

the outpatient program will be headed by a trained professional (A+)

Which of the statements is false concerning fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD

Children with this disorder have very similar facial structure and look amazingly alike even when not related.

Why do research scientists think that some chronic users of speed become paranoid

it appears that the chemicals also impact the serotonin circuits

Which substance has a chemical composition similar enough to dopamine to allow it to fit the dopamine receptor sites in the brain


Which strategy is not suggested to lower the risk of Alzheimer's Disease

electrical stimulation of the brain, particularly the frontal lobe

Why would a fourteen year old normally well behaved girl not be diagnosed with adhd and given Ritalin when she began to exhibit signs of adhd including hyperactivity and inattentiveness

A person must show symptoms prior to age seven.

On John's eighteenth birthday his friends introduce him to alcohol John drinks to the point of barely being able to stand yet he still wants to drive his new car What DSM diagnosis would be approp

None would apply given the facts as described.

Not an example of an altered state

reading silently

What is true about children of alcoholics that are living in the alcoholic home

They are more likely to be abused and neglected

How are withdrawal syndromes treated

Pharmacologic and medical management is often recommended for withdrawal syndrome. The physical condition of the patient is closely monitored

Which disorders are included in the substance classification

Substance abuse and substance dependence

Which of these does not describe a total consumption budget

it is designed to reach short-term goals

What is 5 5 5 5 5 equals 26

It is a FALSE statement.

It is a FALSE statement.

It is a FALSE statement.

It is a FALSE statement.

Which of th following is true statement about the use of antidepressant medication and the treatment of ADHD

Though they are not as effective as stimulants, they are useful when stimulants don't work

What is a false statement regarding child abuse

You did not include any 'following' to choose from.

Tim drinks beer occasionally. When Tim lost his job he went on a two-day drinking binge. When he stopped drinking and the alcohol began to leave his system he began to tremble violently and became sic

They should seek medical help for him

Which of the following statements is false

Answer is b.

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