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What is the root of the word explicit

'Explicit' is a Latin word meaning 'he, she, or it explains'.

What is the theme of Holes

One possible interpretation of the theme is that "justice will come to the innocent and pure."

An example of theme

An example of theme is overcoming advirsty,love,friendship,prombles.

Who is Lucille Clifton

Lucille clifton is a poet

Are there any metaphors in sonnet 18 by shakespeare


The sonnet is dripping with metaphor

What is the theme of sonnet 73

Growing Love

What is the superstition about the black cat

The superstition is that the black cat is a familiar of witches and can talk. It is also thought that black cats are bad luck. If you see a black cat in the path then you have to go by another route.

What does loveliest of trees the cherry now mean

The cherry tree is the loveliest.

Everyday use what was mama's reaction to dee's demands to be given the objects

She rips them out of Dee's hands and tosses them into Maggies lap.

What gay things can gay boys do while skinny dipping

Whatever they agree on.

What words mean more than one thing in Spanish

The majority of words in Spanish have more than one use or meaning. This is the same as in English.

Which of the imagery lines of poetry is representative of the modernist approach to poetry

2 and 4 -apex

What is the theme of the poem A Prayer in Spring

I can think of two possible themes for this poem. The first one would be that one should stop and enjoy the simple things in life. Another possible theme would be that one should live "in the now", and not worry about things to come.

What statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing


What word does Housman emphasize to draw attention to the importance of living in the present moment


Why do authors of magical realism often use a serious tone in their stories

It makes readers question the author's purpose. [APEX]

Why does Housman compare life to the blossoming of a cherry tree Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now

Because both come and go quickly and should be enjoyed at all times.

What does the term implicit mean

Suggested but not clearly expressed.

What can the reader learn about by studying the implicit meanings of words in a poem

the poems theme

Why does Housman emphasize the word now in poem

To draw attention to the importance of living in the present moment.

How does Walker use symbolism to reveal the narrator's character in this passage

By comparing her to a lam animal

Which sentence is most clearly about the relationship between a poems setting and mood

i honestly dont know

What interpretation is a possible theme of Ovid's The Story of Daedalus and Icarus

Reaching too high can be the cause of your eventual downfall. [APEX]

What metaphor for aging does Shakespeare use


In Loveliest of Trees the Cherry Now by A. E. Housman what could be a symbol for something that goes away much too quickly

Snow. [APEX]

What statement is the clearest example of a theme

Friends turning against each other

Which sentence is most clearly discussing the implicit meaning of a text

The structure makes the poem feel urgent

What Early poets used which poetic techniques to make poems easier to remember

Meter and rhythm

Which word from Li-Young Lee's "From Blossoms" has the most positive connotation

fellowship. [APEX]

In Ovid's "The Story of Daedalus and Icarus," what ultimately becomes of Icarus

He flies to close to sun or ocean and his wax wings melts and he drowns. [APEX]

Which statement is the best example of an interpretation

Williams is making a statement about death in general. [APEX]

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