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What were the religious divisions in Queen Elizabeth I reign

The religious divisions during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I were between the die-hard Catholics, the radical Protestants, and the people who wanted a more strict and radical Church of England. Elizabeth herself had been raised as a Protestant.

Who expects the Spanish Inquisition

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!


Results of the German Peasants Revolt 1524-1525

The result of what is known as the German Peasants' War was a crushing of the revolt. Tens of thousands of peasants were killed.

What was an attempt made to purify Catholic Church music as a result of the what

The deliberations of the Council of Trent.

When did the Council of Trent reform the Catholic Church

The Council of Trent met from 1545 to 1563.

What was the relationship between Akbar and Aurangzeb

Aurangzeb was the great-grandson of Akbar. Akbar was a generous king and treated all religions equally. But Aurangzeb was a true Muslim. He revived Akbar's policies and re-imposed taxes on non-Muslims. Aurangzeb was the most cruel Mughal King while Akbar was the greatest ruler of the Mughal dynasty.

Who was the leader of the Holy Roman Empire in the 1500's

Charles V

What did the pope refused to do that made Henry VIII of England declared himself leader of the church

He refused to let Henry VIII have an annullment to his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Why was the fact that Catholic Bibles were written exclusively in Latin a cause of the Protestant Reformation

People wanted to be able to study Christianity in their native languages.

How did the practice of selling indulgences contribute to the Protestant Reformation

They led people to believe that the Catholic Church was too concerned with material wealth.

How did the philosophies of humanism and secularism interact during the European Renaissance

Humanists rediscovered the past by studying the ideas and art of ancient European civilizations, while secularists focused on nonreligious themes.

What critics of Catholicism preferred to take gradual steps to reform the Catholic Church from within

Desiderius Erasmus

How does this sculpture relate to the Renaissance philosophy of humanism

it's style was influenced by ancient Greek and Roman sculptures

How did the printing press help spread the Protestant Reformation

It allowed people throughout Europe to read the works of Protestant reformers.

What work from the Italian Renaissance uses a vanishing point to create linear perspective

The left painting only

What artistic works did Leonardo da Vinci contribute to the Renaissance

the last supper

Which of these people holds a Calvinist belief

A woman who believes she has no control over whether she gets into heaven

What helped spread Protestantism throughout Europe

Answer this question… The invention of the printing press

Which answer choice correctly explains how nicolaus Copernicus contributes to secularism during the renaissance

You don't tell us which choices you were given, so we can't help you.

Which of these critics of Catholicism Translated the Bible into is native language

john wycliffe

What was one major difference between the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic Reformation

The Protestant Reformation led to the creation of new faiths, while the Catholic Reformation involved changes to an existing faith.

As a result of their dissatisfaction with the Catholic Church both Martin Luther and Henry VIII did what

They started a new Church: Luther's came to be named the Lutheran Church, Henry's was called the Church of England.

What was one advantage of the Spanish inquisition for the monarchs of Spain

It allowed them to silence their political opponents.

What factor played the most significant role in the decline of the Mughal Empire

mughal leaders began to abandon policies of religious tolerance :apex

What was one reason the Catholic Church became less powerful in the 14th and 15th centuries

Answer this question…

Renaissance ideals that deemphasized religion became more widely accepted.

How did the catholic church's political and economic power help lead to the Protestant reformation

It led some rulers to oppose the pope in the hopes of seizing that power for themselves.

What statement correctly describes the relationship between Italian city states and the European renaissance

The Renaissance began in Italian city states, where middle class citizens grew to challenge the traditional powers of feudal Europe

What did Charles v's struggles with protestants in the holy roman empire have in common with french religious conflicts of the 16th century

Both concluded with Protestants winning expanded rights in Catholic realms.

Which Renaissance idea does this passage support We have lived enough for others let us at least live out the small remnant of life for ourselves

APEX: Individualism

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