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What is an example of an inclined plane

An example of an inclined plane is a ramp or a screw.

If the period of a wave decreases its frequency must

Period and frequency are inverse to each other, as period increases frequency decreases. So, to answer this question as the period of the wave decreases its frequency must increase.

Which type of wave travels slower through gases than it does through solids

pressure waves

longitudinal waves

The rate at which work is done is called power


An inclined plane makes work easier by increasing the distance and decreasing the


What conditions must be met in order for work to be done

At least part of the applied force must be in the same direction as the movement of the object.

The applied force must make the object move.

If the work on a simple machine equals the output work the machine is said to be 100 percent efficient


An impulse is the product of the on an object and the time during which it is applied

force "Apex"

Choose all of the terms that are appropriate for a situation that produces work

the object moves

a force acts


An object in uniform circular motion must be changing its speed in order to move in a circular path


The two main states of mechanical energy are kinetic and energy


If a car has a mass of 400 kg and a velocity of 30 to the east what is the magnitude of its momentum

12,000 kg-m/s

If it takes 600 N to move a box 5 meters how much work is done on the box

In this case, the work is simply force times distance. If (as here) the force is in Newton and the distance in meters, then the energy transferred (i.e., the work) is in Joule.

3,000 J
If you want to lift a 20kg box off the floor to a height of 0.5 meters how much work will it take

100J with slight variation depending on the location on the earth.

Spaceship 1 and Spaceship 2 have equal masses of 300 kg Spaceship 1 has an initial momentum magnitude of 600 kg-m/s What is its initial speed
Momentum is the product of the mass of an object times its what

Momentum is the product of the mass of an object times its

Spaceship 1 and spaceship 2 have equal masses of 200 kg 1 has a speed of 0 ms and spaceship 2 has a speed of 10 ms what is the magnitude of their combined momentum


When the force acting on an object points at least partially in the direction of the motion the work being done is considered to be negative


What do liquids form in a glass jar if they have different densities and do not mix

They will form separate layers by density, with liquids of higher density lower in the jar.

Is it true that a nonconservative force does the same work regardless of the path taken


Is it true that A person on a merry go round is constantly accelerating away from the center


What is the kinetic energy of a 2000kg car moving at 50 mph

The Kinetic/Momentum/Vector energy is

cmv= 300Mx2000x50x1800/3600= 15 Tera Joules.

If you expend 500 W of power in moving a piano 5 meters in 10 seconds. How much force did you exert


Why do we do doubiling


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